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What are Ozone Steam Saunas Good For??

by Blake Miller 23 Mar 2022

On top of purifying our drinking water with Ozone, why not try sitting in an ozone sauna? There are two types of ozone steam sauna units available for the home; fold-up portables, and heavy duty cabinets.

A truly revolutionary solution for beauty and health care. Steam in side the cabinet creates hypermedia. As the pores are opened it raises the body temperature, allowing the highly concentrated active oxygen to enter the body transdermally. The oxygen gets into the blood and is carried into the cells. Oxidized matter is then released from the body through the open pores. The oxygen is utilized by the body to detoxify dermal cells and remove wastes with enhanced blood circulation, while ozone kills germs and bacteria on your skin.

A steam sauna is a very relaxing and stimulating combination of water and ozone. When using steam and ozone of 99-104 degrees purifies your body and boosts the immune system. Skin will clear up as oxygen cleans and tightens the skin.

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