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Do This to Keep Your Colon Clean

by Blake Miller 23 Mar 2022

If improperly digested food matter OR unnatural chemicals stay in the colon too long, the body tries to protect itself from these substances by producing layers of insulating secretions (mucus).

Too much mucus is like a pool party for harmful bacteria!

Poo Poo stink is from rotting food and toxins in the colon. Rotting food is not being absorbed into the body. Then bodily fluids, lymphatic and blood end up dirty from these toxins.

A dirty body is like a dirty machine that doesn't function for very long and can break down anytime!

As long as the digestive tract is not cleaned, there is no chance for active oxygen to pass through the tiny capillaries and blood vessels.

Super OxyFlush (Pharmaceutical-grade Magnesium Ozonide) is the only colon cleanse that delivers high contents of oxygen to the colon, purifying and removing wastes from the intestines.

If you take Super OxyFlush before bed this happens!

You will see chunks of old waste come out that's been stuck in there for years! You might see pieces of seeds and nuts along with strips of black tire strips which is an thick acidic mucoid coating that was lodged in the colon. Those pieces were auto-intoxicating you until you can get enough oxygen/ozone and water to clean the colon wall.

More Energy after the flush!

You will be amazed of how much energy you will have when your colon is clean. Colon Cancer is at an all time high even at young age so keep your colon clean and try out Super OxyFlush!

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