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Medical Ozone Articles

OXIDATION – Dr. William Turska, 1951

by Blake Miller 23 Mar 2022

Health is dependent almost entirely upon a pure, healthy blood and general humoral circulation. Every organ, nerve, tissue and cell depends on vital blood and humoral fluid for nourishment and elimination of wastes. When these vital fluids are impaired, the system begins a general degeneration and alteration from the norm. The object of respiration is to bring atmospheric oxygen in close relationship with the hemoglobin of the blood and permit the interchange of oxygen with carbon dioxide, thus eliminating this end product of oxidation along with other products in minute quantities.

In the process of respiration, waste products are exposed to the action of oxygen and they are combusted, producing body heat. In the living organism, heat is continually being generated through the chemical action of oxygen upon carbon. When the blood receives sufficient oxygen to unite with the carbon, carbon dioxide is formed, which is in a suitable state to be eliminated. The process of oxidation is complete, the body temperature is maintained at normal, the organs perform their functions properly and the system is in a condition to resist the influence of microbes. When, however, an insufficient amount of oxygen is received by the blood, carbon is incompletely burned, and carbon monoxide is produced. Through its poisonous influence, the system becomes debilitated, or ‘run down.’ Carbon monoxide is an irritant to the nervous system, it attaches to the hemoglobin in red blood cells, and it interferes with organ functions. The body temperature is reduced below normal which renders the system incapable of resisting the influence of various bacteria, viruses and yeast. Disease is the result. Subnormal temperatures indicate under oxidation, or hypoxia. The under-oxidized person will present a host of symptoms: headache, backache, insomnia, vertigo, constipation, asthenia, anemia, and nonspecific gastro-intestinal upsets. Under-oxidation renders the system susceptible to a multiplicity of disorders, which will worsen and become chronic over time.

Scientists long ago recognized the great oxidizing and antiseptic properties of ozone, but owing to its irritating effects and toxic properties when used in raw form, it was abandoned from the therapeutic calendar except in a few instances. The therapeutic abilities of ozone were in evidence, but the manner of application would not allow reliable results. With modern equipment and protocols, ozone is now able to be used to great therapeutic effect. It has been found that ozone potentiates hormones, botanicals, vitamins and many drugs by an amount ranging from 10 – 100%. In addition, it has been demonstrated that ozone treatment of milk completely eliminates any harmful bacteria without having to resort to pasteurization, which destroys beneficial enzymes.

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